Family Office Services

You want privacy and time to enjoy your interests.

Then you need reliable support to manage the details of your life.

Wealth can help make dreams come true, yet protecting and preserving wealth can make finding the time to live those dreams difficult. Our clients live successful lives with layers of complexity. We help simplify the complexity for our client families by managing their numerous relationships, entities and trusts, assets, and activities, while providing candid advice and information for our clients to be able to make decisions in a minimum of time, perhaps the most treasured of our clients’ assets.

Sophisticated experience

Arthur Bell provides family office accounting and consulting services for high net worth families and their related entities. We apply a strategic and coordinated approach to working with each client which results in a personalized suite of confidential services that save our clients time and the burden of routine responsibilities.

With extensive experience in U.S. and foreign finance, asset management, employee relations, real estate, various business entities and operations, trusts, and estate planning, we implement the following family office consulting services with sophistication and integrity.

  • Investment tracking and customized reporting
  • Customized bookkeeping, accounting, and financial reporting
  • Employee management, payroll, and benefits including qualified plans
  • Project management and concierge services
  • Personal and entity level bill monitoring, review, and payment
  • Insurance review and analysis with independent insurance brokers
  • Entity formation, operation, and termination
  • Trust formation, administration, and termination
  • Charitable giving consulting
  • Health, education, and family needs
  • Liability and risk management
  • Trust and estate planning coordination with selected legal advisors
  • Access to a world class network of professional service providers in the U.S. and abroad

We also work closely with Arthur Bell tax advisors to simplify the preparation of our client’s complex tax returns whenever possible. We identify and collect information on key events or issues that we address with our tax compliance group throughout the year, which allows our tax group to be more efficient when preparing multiple types of returns for our clients during the compressed tax season. By consulting with our tax group, we minimize the risk of miscommunication and maximize efficiencies on important tax-related issues.

We welcome you to contact us for more information on Arthur Bell and if you are considering a family office or an advisor for your existing office. You can reach us at 410.771.0001 or via email at

Proud partner of and Resource Council Member for the Family Office Association, an organization dedicated to helping families invest intelligently, give strategically, and learn exponentially.

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