FATCA Portal Registration

FATCA Portal Registration.

Arthur Bell CPAs Webinar

The IRS's portal for FATCA registration is finally here! On September 4, 2013, Arthur Bell CPAs hosted a webinar presented by our FATCA and tax advisor, Marc Lewin, who shared insights on best practices for FATCA registration and walks you through the portal registration process.

You can watch a recording of this webinar to understand the steps that you'll need to take before you log on to the FATCA portal, along with how to complete the fields in the online registration form. Click here to access the video on our You Tube channel.

You can also access a copy of the presentation slides by clicking here.

If you are concerned about FATCA, please contact us to discuss how FATCA affects you and how we can help. Arthur Bell’s FATCA Task Force is available to guide you through the FATCA process. Depending on your needs, we offer three levels of support:

  1. FATCA Complete – We are your complete FATCA resource to relieve you of the FATCA headache. We will handle your registration, documentation of internal processes, filing of required IRS forms, internal education, and coordination with your other service providers. We also help you with the due diligence and reporting requirements, if not provided by your third party administrator.
  2. FATCA Basic – You can rely on us to manage your registration process and prepare your IRS forms to comply with your annual FATCA filing requirements. We are also available to consult on an as-needed basis as you work through the various FATCA stages with your compliance, legal and administration team.
  3. FATCA Support – If you already have a plan for FATCA, we can independently review your processes to ensure that you are covering all aspects of FATCA compliance. You will have continuous access to our FATCA Task Force for guidance on any FATCA issues that you may encounter.

You can reach our FATCA Task Force at fatca@arthurbellcpas.com and 410.771.0001.